Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

Online maths tutoring can be a powerful way for students to learn the foundational skills of this subject. However, it’s important for parents and students to understand what they should look for when choosing an online math tutor. The key requirements are:

The online learning environment should be able to allow the tutor and student to work together using tools like the interactive whiteboard or text-based chat. In addition, it should also be able to support the sharing of files, including homework assignments, practice tests, returned tests and photos of textbook pages. These are essential aspects of a quality online math tutoring experience, and the Skooli online classroom allows for the full one-on-one communication that’s needed for the most effective tutoring sessions.

Another important aspect of a quality online tutoring platform is the ability to track and measure progress. This can be achieved through assessments, exam-style questions and through tutor feedback after each session. The CUE Ratings feature on the Bramble platform allows students and parents to view this tutor feedback and can be a valuable tool in making the decision around which online tutor to choose.

Maths is particularly well suited to online tutoring because it involves a lot of problem-solving and revision. The online tutoring model is ideal for this because all of the work and solutions that are produced during a session can be imported to a library on the website where they are instantly searchable. This makes it easy for the student to access them when they are revising and can help with a solid plan of action for the next tutoring session.

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