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Just who says what a traditional holiday is and what one isn’t? If you are a fitness buff or nature enthusiast then you may want to look into the sport of Adventure Racing to fill up a holiday in your schedule! This is a new sport that combines running, cycling, swimming, hiking with nature and competition. Many people use these competitions as vacation times because they are out of the norm and they provide an excitement level that cannot be reached anywhere else! Whether you want a team adventure race or an individual one (there are even family competitions!) you can find it on nearly any holiday on the calendar! Most races last a few miles or a few hundred miles so it will depend on how much adventure you want!

Here is a quick guide to some of the top adventure races and some great choices for your next vacation or holiday:

Odyssey One Day Extreme: This race is usually at the beginning of January and it is a 75-100 mile race. It is one of the most premier adventure races in the country (held in Roanoke, VA) and it consists of mountain biking, paddle boating, running and hiking. The race usually takes about a day and a half to complete and you have three team members with you to split the duties.

Big Chill 24-Hour Race: This Texas adventure race takes place right around February 1st each year and it consists of two separate races (the 24 hour race and the 12 hour race). The race goes no matter what the weather is like- rain, snow, sleet or sun!

Bonk Hard Chill: This February adventure race is held at Ozarks State Park, MO. It is one of the best winter adventure races in the world and it is a combination of running, paddling, hiking and mountain biking. You work in teams of 2, 3 or 4 and there is even a cash prize to those who finish well!

Toadsuck Challenge: The Toadsuck Challenge is a great Arizona race that is around 50 miles of trails that you have to conquer. The race consists of three person teams and it usually takes around 10-15 hours to finish. Ozark Trail Customer Service

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