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Paper Quilling Jewelry offers an inspiring introduction to the centuries old art of gilded paper filigree. Author Ann Martin demonstrates how to turn metallic-edged strips of paper into gorgeous earrings and pendants. Featuring a range of stunning designs from simple to intricate, this book is sure to have something for everyone.

Paper quilling, also known as paper-rolling or paper filigree, is an easy and fun crafting hobby that uses thin strips of paper to create decorative shapes. It has a long history, with some people believing it was first practiced in ancient China or Egypt as early as 105 AD. It is a craft that has become very popular, especially as it allows for the creation of delicate and eye-catching pieces of jewellery without the need to solder wire.

The paper used for this type of jewellery needs to be sturdy, which is why you want to use a quality brand of thicker-gauge (approximately 1/8″ and 3mm) strips of paper. A quilling tool with rounding and shaping tools is helpful as well. If you prefer to cut your own strips, a metal-edged ruler and cutting mat are essential items to have in your collection. For this earring craft, we recommend using a glue that will hold up to repeated handling and moisture (white glue or a low-odor, clear glue like Krylon®) as well as a gluing dot applicator and a rounded tip to help you shape your paper.

A loose scroll is a strip of paper that has been rolled without being glued, leaving the blunt end with a slight curve. To make these earring pieces, you will want to choose a graduated paper, which begins with a dark shade and then fades to white. This helps reduce the appearance of sharp paper seams that can occur in rings and other shaped coils where there is no room to hide them. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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