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A master’s of business administration, or MBA, is a graduate degree that provides students with advanced management and leadership skills. It is a popular choice for people looking to advance in their current career, change industries or even start their own business. In addition to teaching management principles, many mba programs offer specializations that can help students tailor their coursework to their specific professional interests.

Getting an MBA can take years of work experience and involves a rigorous application process. Typically, you need at least three years of professional experience to be admitted to a quality program and will have to submit standardized test scores (such as the Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT), transcripts and letters of recommendation. Some schools may also ask you to write an essay or personal statement that will be used for admissions purposes.

When writing your essay, be authentic and try not to copy other successful essays that you have read online. Instead, focus on what makes you unique – your creativity, your leadership and teamwork skills and your vision/innovation. Admissions panellists can tell when you are not being genuine, so it’s best to avoid lying.

Another key piece of advice when applying for an MBA is to do your research and learn everything you can about the school that you are interested in attending. Go through the school website, speak to alumni and join Linkedin groups that are specifically focused on the business school that you are applying to – they will be able to give you much more insight than what is on the school’s website.

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