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Button Head Cap Screw
Socket head cap screws (or button heads, pan heads, or allen head caps) are threaded fasteners that feature a rounded, low-profile head and a socket drive to fit hex wrenches for turning. The larger load-bearing surface of the head distributes torque more evenly than a flathead screw or phillips screw, and the hex shape allows for tightening to higher torque specifications than standard slotted or cross-recessed drive machine screws.

Button head socket cap screws are commonly used in applications where space is limited and a more finished appearance is desired. They can be countersunk to sit flush with a surface and have a reduced head height, so they are more compact than traditional socket screws. Their rounded head profile also helps to prevent them from snagging on machinery or equipment, making them suitable for safety-critical applications where other screws could snag clothing or objects on moving machines.

While they have a similar look to pan head screws, they offer a much more versatile installation. Unlike pan heads, cap heads can be installed to sit below a housing’s surface, providing a cleaner aesthetic finish. They can also be countersunk to allow for a nut or washer assembly, which gives them added strength and allows them to hold more load.

Metric & Multistandard carries a wide selection of button socket cap screws in property class 10.9 and A2 and A4 Stainless Steel. Our stock includes metric and imperial sizes, as well as a variety of lengths, material grades, finishes, and head styles. Button Head Cap Screw

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