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Button head, also known as a domed screw or socket cap, is an external threaded fastener that features a raised dome-like shape for a smooth, finished appearance. These screws are a popular choice for various applications in both commercial and domestic settings because of their versatility and durability, and can be driven with the use of tools like Allen wrenches. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, these screws are easy to grip and turn with less effort than other heads such as hex, flat or socket head.

Unlike other types of screw heads, button head bolts are rounded for safety and visual appeal. This allows them to better distribute a load across the head for a more uniform pressure, which reduces the risk of embedment or cracking of the material in which they are fastened. These screws are not designed to withstand high levels of torque, so should never be used in heavy-duty jobs or applications where the screw will be subjected to excessive stress.

When choosing the best screw for an application, the first thing to consider is whether strength or appearance is more important. Cap screws are typically stronger than button head caps, and are preferred when maximum strength is required. However, a cap screw’s flat top can snag on moving machinery, making them unsuitable for some applications.

In contrast, the rounded head of a button screw can resist more torque without loosening or breaking. The recessed counter bore at the center of a button head cap also makes it easy to insert and remove a tool, such as an Allen wrench, without damaging the surface on which the bolt is installed.

These dependable fasteners are perfect for many projects, including a wide variety of fabric-related items, furniture assembly and household repair tasks. Their sleek, aesthetically pleasing appearance also makes them a great option for heavy-duty applications, such as securing large machinery or working with thick materials like steel alloys.

With so many head shapes, sizes and materials to choose from, it is essential that you select the right screw for your application. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect size and type for your project, as well as discuss the appropriate head shape, material, coating or plating for your specific needs. Contact us today to get started. We offer free samples, expert engineering and the fastest UK delivery service.

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