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If you’re looking for property for sale in Auckland but you’re put off by some of the outlandish price tags of homes in New Zealand’s big city, it might be a good idea to turn your gaze a little less central. With a new median house price record of $500,000 NZD as of May in 2012, you aren’t the only one who thinks that the country’s super city could be a little bit more affordable. Sure the convenience of living close to the CBD is nice, but the drastic cost usually isn’t worth the opportunities that living in the city afford, not to mention how the lack of space is hardly what most families are looking for in a home.

Just forty minutes from the Auckland CBD, Waiuku is a country town that’s perfect for families and prospective homeowners who want something quaint and spacious without stretching too far from Auckland City.

Small town, fantastic opportunities

Waiuku is home to a number of lifestyle properties that are perfect places to raise a family. Its country charms are starting to attract more people looking to escape the big city.

While it’s not the biggest town, there are plenty of shops and an increasing number of cafes and restaurants to cater to a growing population. Boutique fashion and craft stores make the town a notable stop off point for those driving through and you’ll find less of a need to head up to Auckland when you want something than you might think.

Local schools like Waiuku College offer quality education to students living in the town, so if you are moving with the family you won’t have to worry about making the commute every morning to Papakura, Manukau or further up into Auckland itself.

Property prices with a promising future

The current median property price is nearly $200,000 less than Auckland Central. Waiuku’s focus on more space and lifestyle properties means you’re getting much more for your dollar at the same time. Prices are still low from the property bubble burst of 2008, but have remained far more resilient than a lot of other parts of the country. Best CBD Vape Pen UK

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