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Cake Disposable Carts are a simple, all-in-one solution for transporting and storing cakes. They are a great way to protect cakes from the elements and maintain their freshness until they are consumed by customers. They come in a variety of sizes and fold easily to ensure that your product is secure during transit.

Authentic Cake Disposables – Let Skyhigh Gang introduce you to the most potential disposable in the market now, additionally with high-grade oil standard hardware and lab tested!

They are the perfect blend of quality, consistency, and flavor. Featuring a powerful battery and an optimal draw, Cake Carts are the top choice for users who want to enjoy a full gram of distillate on the go.

Slurricane Strain – Indica $ 30 / gram | 420 (Reservation Required)

A deep, soothing strain that is ideal for relaxing after a long day of work or play. Its indica-dominant hybrid mix of cherry pie parent and girl scout cookies strains creates a taste that is sweet and fruity.

Delta 8 – 510 Cartridge $18 / gram | 420 (Reservation Needed)

The Delta 8 510 cartridge by Cake is the latest addition to their line of vaporizers. This 510 thread cartridge contains the highest concentration of Delta 8 distillate available and comes with a high-quality USB battery for easy use on the go.

Master Box of 100 Cake Disposables (mixed Flavors) – 10 Stack Each$ 1,200

Authentic Cake Carts are made with the finest components in the industry, a powerful battery, and an optimal draw. Their 280mAh integrated battery is filled with 2 grams of perfectly formulated distillate for an unbeatable uplifting experience. Each device also features a unique auto draw, which means that all the user has to do is press down on the button to activate it and start puffing. This incredibly affordable and convenient vape pen is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced users alike. Its high-quality construction is backed by a lifetime warranty.cake disposable carts

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