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Traveling with a duffel bag has long been a staple of the road warrior. They are a spacious and lightweight option that is often made of durable materials like canvas or ballistic nylon. While they aren’t as roomy as a suitcase, many of the best duffel bags come with features to keep you organized and prepared for whatever the road ahead throws at you.

Convertible duffel bag are the best of both worlds with a number of stylish options to choose from. Some of these top-notch duffels come with clever design features that make them stand out from the crowd. A few of these top-notch options include a sleek design, clever exterior pockets, and a stowable backpack.

The Convertible Duffel with Detachable Backpack – the gizmo of the plethora: The high-end duffel comes equipped with a stowable backpack and a number of other handy features to help you keep your gear safe on the road. The stowable backpack features two shoulder straps with a zippered flap to help you stay organized. The stowable backpack also features a top-loading main compartment with a mesh zippered pocket and an oversized zippered front pouch.

Considering that most travelers prefer to avoid paying airline surcharges, this travel essential is an ideal way to save on luggage fees and still stay in style while doing so. The stowable backpack features a padded laptop compartment, a zippered top pocket, and a front pouch for your tablet, book or phone. The stowable backpack also comes with an airtight bottom to help prevent spills while on the go.

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