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A lightweight, fun, boho-chic bracelet that will compliment your summer outfit. The adjustable length makes it easy to fit any wrist size.

Cowrie shells have been used for centuries in Africa as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. They are also said to bring good luck and health. The shells have feminine energies and are associated with birth, sexuality and menstruation. They also have a strong connection to the ocean and are known to bring strength and protection.

In many African cultures, the shells were worn as charms to embrace femininity and fertility. Today, African women still wear the shells in all kinds of jewelry to represent their heritage and culture. You can also find them woven into hairstyles or added to a necklace to add a touch of African style to your outfit.

The tiger cowrie is a well-known type of the shell. It is characterized by its brown and black spotted exterior and has a resemblance to the skin of a tiger. It is considered to have spiritual powers and a protection from the evil eye.

These cowrie bracelets are handmade with genuine tiger cowrie shells from Senegal and strung together on black cord. They are made by artisans working with Simbi, an ethical social business that provides sustainable jobs for the community in Senegal. The deep symbolism of these shells make them a great gift for yourself or someone you love. You can pair them with other tiger cowrie jewelry from our collection or wear them alone for an elegant, sophisticated look. cowrie bracelet

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