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Almost every professional footballer in the world wears grip socks – they are an important piece of gear that allows players to focus on their game. They eliminate the danger of minor injuries and abrasions and improve comfort in boots/trainers.

Grip socks are designed with a thick sole and rubber grips that prevent your feet from slipping while you play. They also absorb sweat and keep your feet dry to reduce the risk of blisters. Moreover, the elastic material of grip socks wraps around your foot nicely and locks them in place. This makes your shoes feel much more comfortable and improves your overall agility and speed on the field.

As a result, grip socks are becoming increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and those seeking enhanced traction and stability on the field. Many yoga, barre, and dance studios even require their participants to wear them for a safe workout on the mat or wooden floors.

The VX3 socks are a good example of the growing trend for these types of grip socks. They have a fairly similar design to most other grip socks we’ve tested in the past: soft and stretchy cotton with a horizontal grip element on the bottom. They look and feel premium and they wick away sweat very well too.

However, we have one issue with them: the grip zone on these socks is a bit too close to the base of your feet. This might cause your foot to slip against the boot’s insole while you are moving. We’d suggest placing the grip zone a little further up on the sock for more optimal grip. custom grip socks

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