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The gas heaters Fireplace is the latest addition to Dimplex’s product line. These electric units are a great alternative to wood burning fireplaces and offer a modern and stylish look in your home or business. These Opti-V models feature an LED fuel bed with extremely realistic 3D flame effects that appear to erupt from the logs for an immersive experience.

Opti-V Virtual Fireplaces have been designed to be completely visual only, with no gas hookups or venting required. This means you can use these Opti-V electric fires anywhere in your home or business with minimal safety concerns.

These Opti-V electric fireplaces are incredibly realistic thanks to a blend of three-dimensional flame technology, artistry and craftsmanship. These Opti-V fireplaces also feature lifelike video and the patented Dimplex LED flame technology that creates the illusion of a real fire, complete with sound.

With this technology you can control the amount of flames and the volume of the crackling sounds at the touch of a button on your remote controller. This allows you to customize your Opti-V to your preferences, and to enjoy the comfort of a flame even when it’s cold outside!

Opti-V utilises HD TV technology and an LED fuel bed to create the most realistic flame effect ever seen on an electric fireplace. The flickering flames dance across the glowing logs that never burn away, creating a calming and soothing atmosphere that is sure to transform your space into a warm and inviting place.

The Opti-V range of electric fireplaces are available in a number of different sizes, styles and finishes to suit any room decor or style. They can be either built into a wall, installed as an insert into your existing wood fire or hung on the wall like a flat screen television.

This Opti-V electric fireplace is a unique edition to the market that is meant to go into walls as a custom edition. It is not an easy task to install into a wall, and you need to cut a hole into the wall, mount support structures for holding it in place, hardwire it directly into your power system, and then patch up the damaged part of the wall and paint it.

It’s a shame that this was the only way to get this stunning fireplace into the market, because it’s a great design and looks fantastic on display. However, if you’re looking for a real fire then the Opti-V is not your best option.

Another problem with this holographic electric fireplace is that it lacks a heater. While this may not seem like a big deal to you, it is a major issue for those who are looking for an electric fireplace that will warm them on chilly nights.

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