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Fenben is an anthelmintic used to eliminate parasites, worms and harmful microbes. It is a member of the family of broad-spectrum anthelmintics called the benzimidazole carbamate group and has been in wide use as an anthelmintic for over 50 years. It is a potent compound with an extremely high safety margin and is available without prescription at many retail establishments across the country.

A recent scientific study found that fenben and other drugs from the benzimidazole family inhibit the growth of human multiple myeloma cells in cell culture. The study also discovered that a drug combination of fenbendazole and albendazole is more effective at killing multiple myeloma cells than either compound alone.

This is a very significant discovery because this is the first time that these types of benzimidazole compounds have been found to be effective against human multiple myeloma cancer in a cell-based assay. This finding also paves the way for further research into the combined effects of these two agents on human multiple myeloma.

In the study, mice were injected with fenbendazole at three different dosages: 1) the dietary dose of fenbendazole; 2) the dietary dose plus 10 Gy of x-rays; and 3) the dietary dose plus a single i.p. injection of fenbendazole (50 mg/kg/day). After the tumors reached a maximum volume, they were divided into groups that received each treatment.

All groups received fenbendazole and x-rays. When compared to the unirradiated control groups, the irradiated and fenbendazole/x-rays combination treatments significantly reduced tumor growth in all mice. The fenbendazole/x-rays treatment showed the greatest reduction in tumor growth.

Another major finding from this study is that fenbendazole has anti-neoplastic activity in mouse and human cancer cells in culture. The study found that fenbendazole is able to disrupt the microtubule dynamics in cancer cells and inhibits the expression of GLUT 4 (glucose transporter isoform 4). This blockage severely limits insulin-stimulated glucose uptake by cancer cells, starving them.

This is very exciting news, especially given the fact that fenbendazole can be purchased at most retail establishments around the country and is widely available to anyone who needs it. Unlike many chemotherapeutic agents, fenbendazole is non-toxic to the body, and it has no known side effects when taken at the recommended dosages. This makes fenben an excellent option for people who want to try the Joe Tippens Protocol as part of their treatment plan. I recommend that any person who is interested in taking fenbendazole consult their doctor to make sure it is safe for them. This is a very important step to take before starting any new medication, as always. fenbendazole for humans cancer

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