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For people with wavy or curly hair, finding the right salon can be a challenge. Whether it’s a struggle to find one who understands how to cut curly hair or to find a salon that can offer the best products for curls, figuring out what the right place is for you can take years of salon-hopping and enduring smile-through-the-tears moments at new haircuts.

Thankfully, there are salons out there that are curly hair specialist approved. Here are some of our favourites:

In the heart of Nob Hill lies a salon that has been built around client experience and care. Roots salon was founded on the idea of bringing in a team that truly understood how to work with curly hair and is passionate about helping their clients embrace their beautiful kinks, coils and swirls. The salon offers a welcoming space where they make sure that their clients feel at home and can relax while getting pampered and their curls are taken care of.

When you walk into Rhodes you’ll be greeted by the aroma of Aveda products and an atmosphere that has a ‘curl love’ written all over it. Their specialised curly hair menu and expert stylists are bound to have your kinks, coils and waves looking fabulous and showing off a bit of sass, Gina style!

Located in the uber-cool inner eastern suburbs, Maiden Hair is a leading salon in the world of curling. Their specialised curly hair menu includes consultations, co-washes and dry cutting for a haircut that will have your curls bouncing, swinging and twirling with a little bit of extra oomph. Their expert team also include a colourist who specialises in curl colouring and a stylist who uses only vegan, curly friendly products. best curly hair salon melbourne

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