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Looking for German classes in Coimbatore? The city of Coimbatore has a strong connection with the country of Germany. For years, the joint ventures and cooperation between Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs) in both countries have been growing and are expected to strengthen in the years to come.

Germany, being a highly industrialized country, most German companies have a presence in India. This led to the growth of SMEs in India, especially in cities like Coimbatore. As a result, the demand for German language specialists is high in the region of Coimbatore. The number of German-language centers in Coimbatore is constantly growing and there are a variety of German language courses offered in the city.

Few Coimbatore city-based educational institutions have partnered with the schools in Germany. The school exchange program between schools based in Coimbatore and Germany is running successfully for past few years.  This shows that how important is the German language to the city of Coimbatore.List to Top 5 German Classes in Coimbatore

  • Goethe Zentrum
  • Linguaworld
  • FITA German Classes Coimbatore
  • Sams Lingua Centre
  • Zing Languages

Goethe Zentrum

The Goethe Zentrum is run by Indo-German cultural association.  The Goethe Institute has been offering German language courses in tier-1 cities of India for a long time and with growing demand in Coimbatore, the Geothe institute started offering German classes in Coimbatore too.

The course fee starts at INR 17,000 for beginner-level courses, plus an extra 4500-8000 if you are planning to take the TestDAF certification. If you are not aware, you can directly take the B1 or B2 certifications, as the A1 & A2 are beginner levels.

The A1/A2 certification does not add much value to your profile. If you are planning to work with German companies, you are expected to have completed B2 or at least B1. So, save your money by not taking A1/A2 certifications.

Perhaps if you are planning to pursue higher studies in Germany, then the A2 certification may get you some points during the VISA application process.

The German classes are usually run by an Indian teacher during weekdays and weekends. The average class size is 20. The course materials are provided by the institute for an additional fee. The major downside is its customer service and support. German lessons

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