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Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, and while some people choose to only go for the refined gems that tend to come at astronomic prices, others realize the potential hidden in some of the less precious materials – not just semi-precious stones, but even glass can make a magnificent, captivating accessory which is the perfect addition to your clothing for any occasion – be it casual or official. Glass beads have been gaining in popularity recently, and if you still haven’t added at least a few types to your wardrobe, now is probably the best time to consider this.

A quick look around the market would show you a large variety of glass beads available – pretty much any design you can think of would be available somewhere out there. The good thing about these beads is that they’re very versatile – thanks to their low price, it’s very easy to buy them in large quantities and try out different combinations of colors, shapes and sizes. Even though there are plenty of pre-made arrangements available for sale, this should by no means stop you from crafting your own design to truly add to your visual style.

Glass beads can even be made to replicate various gems, and even though they’ll never truly imitate a particular precious stone’s style, they can still offer you some impressive visuals. And again, don’t be afraid to try out new combinations – you never know when you might find one that you’ve never thought would work!

Another interesting thing about these beads is that they don’t necessarily have to be transparent – there are various opaque and semi-transparent designs available as well, and you’d be surprised how much the texture of the glass tends to change with the right paint applied to it – not only does it become non-transparent, but it also feels different when touched as well, making it very easy to imitate any style you may need to incorporate in your looks.

Don’t limit yourself to necklaces either – glass beads can be incorporated into anything – such as earrings and even directly attaching them to your clothes. Be creative and look around the Internet and fashion magazines for ideas – there’s plenty of room for improvisation when it comes to these beads, you just have to find the style that works for you! A bracelet made of glass beads can be an especially attractive and versatile accessory, so as long as you’re experimenting with ideas for glass beads design, this should be around the top of your list.

And of course, the low prices of glass beads make them somewhat disposable as well – you don’t have to worry about breaking or losing a necklace or another accessory made of glass beads, as you can easily find replacements for the ones you’ve lost and even make that new design you’ve wanted to try out! That generally means you should be able to take apart your own necklaces and bracelets and rearrange their glass beads into new designs.. warp knitted towel

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