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A health and safety awareness course is a training program that provides workers with the knowledge they need to understand workplace hazards and how to avoid them. This training can be mandatory for certain industries and professions, or it may be offered voluntarily. In either case, it can have a positive impact on the health and safety of employees, making the work environment safer and more productive.

Keeping employees safe at work is an important goal for any organization. Injuries and accidents can be costly in terms of monetary costs, but they also can damage an employer’s reputation. A negative reputation can affect future hiring and investment, as well as lead to decreased community and government support. Providing health and safety training can help reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries, and it can improve employee morale and job satisfaction.

Online learning offers a flexible way to deliver health and safety awareness courses. It allows learners to access course content from any location with an internet connection, so they can take the course at their own pace and on their own schedule. It can also be more cost-effective than traditional classroom-based training, as it eliminates the need for trainer travel and venue rental expenses.

Our online health and safety awareness training is designed for new staff who require a basic level of Health & Safety knowledge. It covers a range of topics including fire safety, asbestos awareness, working at height, COSHH, PPE and electricity. health and safety awareness course

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