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A quote for moving company is a document that provides a detailed estimate of how much your move will cost. It is based on an inventory of all the items to be moved, plus other factors like time of year, weight and add-on services. When comparing quotes, make sure you understand what each one includes and whether it is binding, nonbinding or a binding-not-to-exceed estimate.

Do All Moving Companies Use the Same Calculation Method?

While most large moving companies have an online quote system, smaller companies will likely complete the estimates over the phone or email. To get the most accurate estimate, it is best to have a representative visit your home and physically examine the space. This will allow them to build a better picture of what is needed and help you avoid any surprises on moving day.

How does the size of your home affect your quote?

The size of your home will have a significant effect on the costs of your move. A minimalist living in a studio apartment will have significantly less belongings and therefore lower moving expenses than someone who lives in a fully furnished four-bedroom home. Larger homes require a larger truck and are therefore more expensive to transport. The total shipment weight is also a factor in determining your moving quote, as heavier items will require more labor to lift and load.

Some movers charge on an hourly basis while others offer package rates for certain services, such as packing assistance or fragile-only moves. These packages typically include liability insurance coverage and can reduce the overall cost of your move. You can also purchase additional insurance for your move, which will increase the price.

When you’re getting a moving quote, ask about add-on services such as furniture disassembly and relocation, packing services, storage solutions and more. These can all add up to a significant amount of money, so it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting for your money.

It is best to get your moving quotes early on in the process so that you have plenty of time to compare prices and services. It’s also a good idea to request a written estimate, rather than an oral one, so that you can be sure everything is clearly stated and there are no hidden fees.

You should always be able to choose the type of moving estimate you want, such as a binding, nonbinding or binding-not-to-exceed quote. A binding estimate holds the company to the price that was originally quoted, while a nonbinding estimate requires that you pay up to 110% of the original written quote at the time of delivery and bill you for any remaining charges later. You can also choose a binding-not-to-exceed option, which is similar to a binding estimate but provides the flexibility for your actual move costs to exceed the estimated price. It’s always best to get a binding estimate when possible, as it will protect you against unexpected moving costs. quote for moving company

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