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Voice over is a production technique used in television, filmmaking, theatre and radio. It involves adding a voice to existing content to narrate a story or explain information in addition to the original dialogue. You’re most likely to encounter this when watching a movie trailer, as a voice is often read from the script to entice audiences. It’s also used in audiobooks, podcasts and on-hold messages and is sometimes used for translation purposes in a process called dubbing.

A good voice actor will be able to take on different character voices and convey the emotion needed. For example, you might want a calm and collected man for your company’s commercial, while a woman’s soothing voice might be more appropriate for an insurance advertisement. The type of voice you choose will depend on the target audience and will have a huge impact on your campaign’s success.

Most voice actors work on a freelance basis so they can be self-employed and have flexibility in their schedules. They are able to pick and choose their projects and are often able to specialize in particular areas, like children’s entertainment, e-learning or phone apps. This career is very popular as it offers a great work-from-home opportunity, which appeals to many people who are looking for a more flexible lifestyle.

When writing your script, try to make it as clear as possible for the voice actor. For example, use double-spacing to help them separate ideas and sentences more clearly. This little detail will prevent them from accidentally changing your script, thereby improving the quality of their recording. voice over

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