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Rap is considered as one of the most fascinating art in the field of music the entire mankind has ever known. It has reached its surge in popularity especially during the late eighty’s together with hip-hop music. As rap music continues to hit the air waves with full expectation and potential, almost every one is challenged to try their luck in rap music. If you are one of those interested in making rap music, then these easy techniques are proven helpful.

In freestyle rapping, always bear in mind that being spontaneous is important. Even simple wordings are okay, no need for exaggerated lyrics. Some very simple rhyming make it big in the world of rap music. Just keep your rap wordings simple and easy to catch.

The next important thing when making rap music is the flow. So long as you get the hang of rapping, whether you are on rhyme or not, just continue with the flow. Making mistakes is given. In fact, in many cases, these mistakes hit it big time in music charts and top rap songs. We have heard stories about new words rooted from rap music that became adopted by the dictionaries and popularly used by people, rappers or not, all over the world. The lesson here is not to be afraid when applying words. Learn to take your risk. What is important is that you are following a flow and it is already etched under your skin.

Another thing that is important to take note of is the use of fillers. When making rap music, these fillers will help you fill the gap between stanzas. It will also help you fill the gap between pauses. Use fillers that you are already comfortable with like “That’s what I’m saying,” or “You know what I mean.” Of course, use of fillers should be controlled and limited. Otherwise, your entire song will just be redundant and shallow.

The next thing to do is to rap all the time. Rap while walking, while eating, while taking shower, while cleaning your car, even while you’re sleeping and while you’re dreaming! Practically rap at all times as though rapping is already etched on your genetic fabric. This is the only key to blurt out the right words at the right time in the spur of the moment. This will also help you think fast and not lose the flow. Try it and see for yourself how quick you can get in thinking the next word that will suit perfectly with the second line when you are still at the first line while making your very own rap music. drill rap

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