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Whether you’re suffering from a backache or have an ongoing problem with chest pain, there are some things you can do to feel better now and prevent it in the future.

The upper and middle part of your body is called the thoracic spine, which is made up of 12 small bones called vertebrae that form your backbone. These vertebrae connect to a long, flat bone down the center of your chest called the sternum, which forms your rib cage.

Back and chest pain can be caused by a wide range of issues, from muscle fatigue to lung and heart problems. However, it’s important to get a proper diagnosis so you can receive treatment that helps with your symptoms and avoids complications in the future.

Sharp, intense chest pain may indicate a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention, like a heart attack. A dull ache that occurs when you breathe, on the other hand, is likely due to a muscle tightness in the diaphragm.

Poor posture can also lead to chest and back pain. This is especially common when using technology like cell phones and computers, as these devices encourage rounded shoulders and a forward head position that put pressure on the muscles in your upper back and neck. Alternatively, repetitive movements, such as rowing, can cause pain when the muscles are overused and tired. A sprain or strain, which happens when a muscle is injured, can also cause chest and back pain. how to relieve upper back and chest pain

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