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Stylish gentlemen have been using linen to beat the heat for centuries, thanks to the natural fabric’s strength, absorbent properties and – most importantly – breathability. It’s also a quick-drying fabric that helps regulate internal temperatures, so it keeps you cool and fresh while wearing it.

This natural fibre is one of the most durable fabrics on the planet, and it’s also eco-friendly. Linen requires less processing and water than cotton and wool, which makes it a greener option for the planet. And because it absorbs dye easily, linen suits can be made in a variety of colours.

Like a crisp cotton suit, linen can look polished and refined when well ironed. But it’s also a great choice for a casual, laid-back look. And linen’s innate ability to wrinkle adds a bit of sartorial grit and a vintage vibe.

You’ll want to avoid dry cleaning your linen suit because the chemicals can stain it, and you shouldn’t put your suit in the dryer either. The loosely woven material can shrink dramatically in the heat of the dryer, so instead wash your linen suit by hand or hang it up to air dry before storing it in a cool and dry place.

We recommend pairing your linen suit with a plain tee and dress shoes or sneakers. The textured suit and the texture of your footwear will contrast beautifully with the tee, so it’s a nice way to break up an outfit without going overboard. You can also wear a patterned tie or pocket square to complement your linen suit. Linen suit

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