Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

I finally had some time to download and play around with the new Joost and I must say my first impressions are pretty good. Joost is still in beta version, which means that in order to download the software you will need an invitation from a friend; the good news is that it is completely free so if you are interested, I will be glad to send you one (just contact me via email).

Joost was created by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom (founders of Kazaa and Skype) with the goal of merging the best of TV with the best of the Net. The system distributes TV shows and other forms of video over the web using peer-to-peer technology.

“Joost is a new way of watching TV on the internet. With Joost, you get all the things you love about TV, including a high-quality full-screen picture, hundreds of full-length shows and easy channel-flipping.”

Created in 2006 and based in Luxembourg, the company currently has over 100 employees and has already developed its business model based on targeted advertising. The ads pop up from time to time and are generally placed on the lower-right corner.

Joost advertisement the beta version also incorporates extra features, such as search and instant messaging, built into the program, and allows sharing playlists of your favorite shows with friends or chatting with them online while watching the same program. The image quality is pretty good and the content too (about 150 channels). In contrast to YouTube, which specializes in short user-generated video, Joost offers whole TV shows from established producers and professional video makers. As a matter of fact, CBS and Viacom have recently agreed to provide content to the service, and will be offering programs from MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, Paramount and Comedy Central as well as CBS’s CSI, Evening News or Survivor. youtube playlist

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