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umzugsunternehen berlin are professionals that offer services for relocation, packing

and unpacking, disassembly or assembly of furniture and other items in the home.

They also provide storage facilities if necessary. They can also assist with customs

formalities, including the completion of paperwork and arranging insurance cover.

They may have specialist vehicles to carry large and awkward items. Some

companies are multilingual and can provide assistance in the language of the

customer’s choice.

Many people consider hiring a moving company to help with their move. The

decision to do so is often based on factors such as time, budget, physical condition

and the availability of resources (e.g. help from friends and family, transport car

etc). Some reasons for hiring a moving company are that it can save money, avoid

the stress and inconvenience of organising a move, and reduce the risk of physical

injury such as back pain or torn ligaments. The best moving companies have trained

staff who are familiar with packing and handling fragile items. They can also advise

on packing and storage options, including the use of crates, cardboard or bubble

wrap and how to protect items from damage in transit.

A moving company berlin can provide a range of services for both domestic and

international moves. They can pack and move household goods, personal effects,

cars and boats. They can also arrange storage and provide cleaning and fumigation

services. They can even assist with finding accommodation and schools. The best

movers in Berlin are able to deal with a variety of challenges, such as navigating the

different districts.

There are 12 different neighbourhoods in Berlin and each has its own vibe and

unique requirements for moving. Movon provides a one-stop place to find the top

approved movers in Berlin for all types of jobs. The movers on Movon are vetted for

quality and can assist with moving within the city or internationally.

Heinrich Klingenberg: Founded in 1877, they have offices in Germany, Europe and

overseas and work with a network of partners to deliver moves. They have a wide

range of packaging materials and offer a door-to-door service that includes a pre-

move consultation. They can provide packing services and specialise in moving

delicate items and antiques. They can offer a choice of shipping methods including

road, sea and air as well as storage.

Donath Moving & Relocation: Founded in 1904, they have offices in Konigstein and

Munich and work with a global network of partners to deliver moves. They are a

member of IAM and accredited by FIDI. They can provide a personal consultation to

determine your requirements and provide a transportation planning service that can

include road, sea or air options as well as customs support and administration


Other moving and relocation companies in the Berlin area are Bellator-Logistik,

Hertling, Niclas Umzuge and Avatar Umzuge. The latter offers a full-service package

that includes home search, temporary accommodation, settling in service, school

searches and permits as well as departure services.

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