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The theme parks and other tourist attractions are constantly working to change, upgrade and improve their facilities in order to keep up with their competitors. The ordinary tourist is the beneficiary of this fierce competition, and this year is no exception with many parks adding new sections and rides.

Here is a brief guide to some of the changes you can expect to find in the Orlando area this year. Cypress Gardens Adventure Park underwent significant renovations and now features a new water park as well a special exhibition highlighting the history of the gardens and adventure park. The animal and ride areas of the park have been closed however, you can get more information about this attraction by calling them.

A new attraction opened on the International Drive. It is the International Heli-Tours. They offer aerial tours of the entire area including Orlando, Kissimmee, the Disney Resort and the Universal Resort. They also make specialty tours which include celebrity house sightings, fireworks viewing and alligator searches. Their tours are priced at $25 and up. Call them for more details.

WonderWorks opened a new exhibit which is designed to “challenge your mind.” “Mindball” is a table top game that puts a new twist to competition, because it measures a participant’s success by his or her calmness. You can win this game if you are more relaxed than your opponents. Players and audience can watch the mental process of the games players because their brain wave activity is measured electronically and then presented on a large 53 inch monitor.

SeaWorld is one of the big attractions of Orlando and they opened a new roller coaster that takes the rider from the heights of the sky right to the surface of the sea and below. You can see underwater habitats and soar with your face down at speeds of about 60 mph and come to within inches of the water. If you don’t want to ride on the roller coaster you can still enjoy this attraction by viewing the 300 rays visible in a floor to ceiling window. For more information about this ride or other sections of Seaworld call them.

Not to be outdone by SeaWorld, Universal Studios has also opened a new high-tech roller coaster. Each rider has an on-board LED screen and can choose which songs he or she wants to accompany them on the ride. On top of that, when the ride is finished you get to take home a musical video of the ride. The name of this new roller coaster is Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit, so if you are at Universal Studios, make sure you check out this new roller coaster. Soaring in the air is always a lot of fun, and Walt Disney World has opened an attraction that is sure to appeal to everyone who has wanted to view the word from the vantage point of a high flying bird. This attraction is called Characters in Flight and it consists of a giant tethered helium balloon which carries up to 30 guests to an altitude of 400 feet.

It is a six minute flight giving the visitor a panoramic view of Disney World and beyond and costs $16 for adults and $10 for children aged 3-9. So try out some of the new attractions if you are here for your second or third time. If you are a newcomer to Orlando, then just visit the attractions that suit your fancy. Outdoor LED Display

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