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New Dometic Replacement Cooling Units

We have some great new options for our customers looking to replace their existing camper ac These are a lot less expensive than replacing an entire RV fridge and come with a warranty.

Dometic has been a leader in gas absorption RV refrigerators, so they make some of the best models on the market. We carry a wide variety of Dometic refrigerators to meet your needs, from smaller ones to larger, more powerful models.

One of the most common problems we see with Dometic refrigerators is rust, which can cause them to leak ammonia or corrode the tubes causing a tube fracture and leak. This is why we developed a remanufacturing process for RV refrigerator cooling units that uses heavier wall seamless tubing and a boiler design that won’t fail.

This results in a stronger, longer lasting RV refrigerator that can’t fracture due to thermal stress and lasts many years longer than the original equipment.

Besides being less expensive than replacing the entire RV refrigerator, the remanufactured Dometic RM3862 cooling unit also offers Fridge Defend by ARP, which prevents fluids from leaking out of the tubes if you have an issue with a crack in the boiler area.

We have been selling these remanufactured RV refrigerator cooling units since 1999, and we are happy to offer them at a discounted price for our customers.

If you are interested in a new replacement cooling unit for your Dometic refrigerator, please contact us today! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding the best option for your particular needs.

New Dometic Replacement Cooling Units are available for most major brand RV refrigerators including Norcold and Dometic. They are fully remanufactured and are guaranteed to work for the life of your RV.

The remanufactured rv fridge cooling units from Ozark are designed for long lasting use and won’t fracture because they are built with heavier wall seamless tubing that is welded together with a boiler design that will not fail. Unlike OEM and Aftermarket cooling units, Ozark RV refrigerator coolers do not have the yellow residue around the burner area or a smell of ammonia.

Our remanufactured Dometic and Norcold RV refrigerator cooling units are manufactured with our unique, patented, rebuilding process that uses heavier wall seamless tubing, a boiler design that won’t fail, and a remanufactured tube that is designed to be stronger and longer lasting than the original OEM or Aftermarket.

Installation Tips for the New RTX2000

As you might expect, the RTX2000 is designed differently from most RV rooftop air conditioning units and requires a slightly different roof cutout size. This was an initial challenge for our team at Vandoit, as we were retrofitting this unit into a Ford Transit van that had a slightly curved roof.

After we addressed these challenges, we were able to install the RTX2000 easily and safely. We have shared some of the installation resources we used on our blog, but if you are installing a RTX2000 on your RV or van, we recommend perusing online for other DIYers’ experiences as well.

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