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Over the years as pictures of this unique Island’s curved coastline at Kelingking Beach have gone viral online, Nusa Penida has seen an influx of tourists wanting to visit its iconic beach and other must-see spots. Fortunately, this unique Island has more to offer than just that iconic coastline with beautiful marine wildlife off its coast and a rich culture.

To get around the Island you can rent a motorbike (self drive) or hire a car with private driver. I’ve always opted for the latter as the roads are not suitable for inexperienced drivers, plus it’s easier to get to a lot of the hidden spots on the Island.

One of the best hidden beaches in Penida is Suwehan Beach, a white sandy beach with turquoise water surrounded by erratic limestone rock formations. The water is incredibly clear here, and the beach is gorgeous whether it’s at high or low tide. It’s also a great place to swim with manta rays if you join the right tour.

Another must-see spot on the Island is Diamond Beach, a beautiful cliff beach that’s not as popular as its neighbor Kelingking Cliff. It’s a stunning location and if you can visit during the dry season (roughly between December and April), the hills are a beautiful green color. It’s also a fantastic spot for snorkeling and diving. day tour nusa penida

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