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With the endless amount of food and nutrition advice on the internet, finding trustworthy nutrition information can be a challenge. While some recommendations may be based on sound scientific research, others can be misleading or even dangerous to health.

When choosing an online nutritionist, it’s important to consider their qualifications and how they work. A registered dietitian (RD) is a person trained to provide evidence-based nutritional counseling and one-on-one nutrition coaching. RDs are uniquely qualified to offer nutrition guidance because of their background, education and training, which includes extensive knowledge of science-based dietetic practices and the ability to translate these principles into practical dietary recommendations for individuals and groups.

Having a RD can also help individuals develop an individualized eating plan to address their unique needs, such as managing chronic diseases or following medical procedures. Using an RD can help individuals heal their relationship with food, reframe their nutrition choices and develop long-term sustainable habits that improve their health and well-being.

Virtual nutrition consultations have benefits for both the counselor and client. Unlike face-to-face consultations, virtual sessions can be more flexible. For example, an RD in the rural mountains of Colorado who doesn’t have access to patients in town can consult with them remotely through a video call application. However, these apps often lack nonverbal cues and don’t allow for eye contact—which can be a problem for some counseling situations. Also, some insurance plans don’t cover nutrition services, so the cost of virtual nutritionists can add up quickly. Kostrådgivning online

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