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In the world of social media and marketing, sharing is a key component to building a community and driving engagement. But what exactly does sharing mean? Share means the act of posting content (text, images, videos, links) on a social media platform or other digital channel that enables others to view and engage with it. Shares can increase reach, visibility, and brand awareness.

In a more broader sense, the term can also refer to the free granting of use rights to nonrival goods such as information or ideas. When used in a social context, the term can also refer to a person’s shared experiences, such as a hobby or interest, with someone else: “we all like to play video games together”.

Savvy sharers know how to frame their content to intrigue and entice readers, ensuring that their audience will be intrigued and want to learn more. They also understand that sharing is not about forcing an audience to interact with your content. It is about enabling an audience to share it with their own network of friends and followers.

Once you’ve found an article you’d like to share, navigate to its website and locate the social media button. Usually, this is located on the top or bottom of the page. Click the button and a list of sharing options will appear. You can also copy the article link and paste it into your preferred messaging app or social media. PressReader also allows you to share articles to popular note-taking apps such as Evernote and Instapaper. sharing

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