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If you’re a serious mushroom grower then you’ve probably heard of Psilocybin grow bags, also known as fruiting blocks. These bags are an essential tool for making sawdust block fruiting colonies as they contain a filter patch that allows your mycelial culture to breath, without passing contaminants like mold spores into the sawdust.

These bags are sterile, meaning they have been sterilized and sealed in a special process called autoclaving. This is a process that exposes the bag to extremely high temperatures, often reaching 250F for hours at a time. This ensures that the bag will be able to withstand the conditions inside a fruiting block, ensuring a contamination-free, high quality flush of mushrooms.

Mushrooms can be grown in these bags as long as you provide your own spawn (mushroom culture). After inoculation, let the bag colonize for 4-6 weeks before fruiting. Once you’re ready to harvest simply cut the bag open and remove the capped mushrooms from the substrate. This is a great method for growing a variety of mushroom varieties, including oyster, shiitake and lion’s mane.

This all-in-one bag is the simplest way to get started with Psilocybin mushroom cultivation. Each bag is pre-sterilized and has a layer of sterilized grain for mycelium growth, topped with a sterile coco coir substrate. The bag has a built-in injection port for easy inoculation, and a filter patch to prevent contamination.

The all-in-one mushroom bag has been formulated by mycologists to simplify mushroom growing while maximizing the speed and size of your grow. The substrate mix is the perfect blend of sterilized rye grain, straw, vermiculite, coco coir, and gypsum; all fortified with the nutrients mycelium needs.

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