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Choosing the right domain name often takes some time. When you consider that the domain name you select will be one that can be on your marketing, will be submitted to search engines, and will be with you for years to come it is certainly not a decision that you should make in just a couple of minutes. When you understand what to avoid and what makes up a good domain you will easily be able to choose an address that will work hard for you for many years to come.
Avoid The Classic Mistakes
In the real estate industry, many agents are taught “branding” and that in order to get business they must “brand” themselves on everything from flyers to their web address. This leads to such real estate domain names as:


These domain names are oriented around the agent and not the consumer. Although these are easy to purchase they do little to identify what the website is about and certainly won’t help in increase your search engine rankings. Also, consider that with these domain names it’s not even clear what the website is going to be about. Going through each of the domain names above think of the following questions:

  • – Sells them where? What city, what neighborhood?
  • – Is this an attorney? Accountant?
  • – What does he sell?

You can have a domain name as your First and Last Name, however consider NOT using that as your main website because you want new customers to find you! New customers have no relationship with you so they certainly won’t typing your name and if they saw your domain name in the search engine results pages wouldn’t know what your site is about by reading your web address.

What Makes Up A Good Real Estate Domain Name?

A good website address will allow a total stranger the ability to understand what the website is going to be about without even visiting the website. Consider the following few simple rules before purchasing a website:

  • Does my website address incorporate the area I work in? – This could mean including your city, or even your local neighborhood into your website address. Having real estate domain name that incorporates your local area demonstrates your expertise without you having to shout it out.
  • Does my website address incorporate a specific type of real estate? – Instead of having a website about “real estate” consider having a website about just Homes, Condos, Luxury Properties, or another specific type of real estate. Having a website about a specific type of real estate will allow you to focus your ads, content, and allow you to work with the customers that you actually want!
  • Is my website address three to five words long? – Although the shorter the domain name, the easier it is to remember, it is often challenging to find one that is just two words. Craft a domain name that is creative and clear about what your website is all about.

Selecting a real estate domain name takes some time and since it will be with you for many years, it’s a worthwhile activity to do some brainstorming and planning before making a purchase. We invite you to invest in a powerful domain and start having more success today.

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