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Sex addiction treatment is a form of mental health care that helps people overcome compulsive sexual thoughts and behaviors. A therapist can help a person explore their urges and learn to manage them, as well as address any relationships that may have been damaged by the addiction.

A person suffering from sex addiction may feel compelled to seek out sex, or to watch pornography, even when they are at work, with their partner, or when attending family events. They may also spend a significant amount of time on these activities, often neglecting other important aspects of their lives, such as their children, employment or social life. A sex addiction can damage relationships, and people who have it can experience anxiety and depression as a result.

Therapy for sex addiction can include many different types of individual or group therapy sessions. One-on-one therapy is considered traditional and involves meeting with a therapist who has specialized training in sex addiction recovery and co-occurring conditions. This type of therapy can help a patient gain control over their behaviors, treat mood disorders, and heal any trauma that may have been experienced.

Psychodynamic therapy is another option for treating sex addiction. This approach works on the premise that repressed memories are a source of addiction. It can also help a person feel a sense of validation that their problem is not their fault. In addition to therapy, some people benefit from medications to alleviate symptoms of sex addiction. For example, some antidepressants have been shown to relieve urges.

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