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Sports betting can be both thrilling and lucrative. However, for many players it is depressing and costly. Did you lose by one point against the spread yet again? Or, alternatively, did you bet the “under” and an additional point will painfully and mercilessly take you the into the abyss of a hard bet loss? It is a shame isn’t it , you were winning 99% of the game but being close only counts in horseshoes and you might have lost some money there also.

Whether it is NFL betting , NBA , MLB and yes NHL there is a vast array of choices and considerations for the discerning gambler. This is not to mention a variety of other sports that receive avid prognostication and investment. The king of course being Horse Racing and betting “paramutuals” which is the granddaddy of sports betting but still does not compare to the popularity of NFL betting along with it’s little brother College Football .

If you are someone that is a sports enthusiast , sports gambler or even just a casual fan there is no doubt you have heard the touts of the “experts” selling their betting systems, selling their picks, and selling their wisdom. Have you wondered to yourself if this true ? Do they have a system that can make me so much money I can quit my job?

Bottom line is don’t quit your job just yet , but it is a fact that while the majority of sports betting systems and companies selling “picks” are making more money off of you than their net winnings. There are legitimate sports prognosticators that have proven over time that they can back up their hype. Typically there is no shortage of hype in this arena.

Bettors and wannabe bettors need to understand that unless they view their “book” or “bettting establishment”, whether it be overseas or over the bridge, as their favorite “charity” that they plan on perpetually donating in , they need a system that works. The true gurus in the industry know that it takes years and years of studying trends and patterns to recognize how Vegas odds makers slowly but surely take your money over time. In many cases time may only be the length of a Major League Baseball season. The daily ‘sportsline” is littered with “traps” everyday for every sport including but not limited to even the Olympics.

Today’s technology can run thousands of statistical analyses in the blink of an eye. Only a sophisticated tool is able to interpret it . This combined with a money management system over time makes it paramount that a bettor incorporate the apex of the two because you would hate to go 5 and 1 on a Sunday but have little to show for it since your 1 loser was tied up in 3 losing parlays.

The proven experts have already invested the money in software and high tech probability studies spit out by neural networks . The smart bettor needs to simply separate the “yellers” from the “players” .

If money is more important to you than the pride of picking your own picks than it it is time you viewed sports betting as expected income you brag to your spouse about not expense you seem to always forget to mention to her. Isn’t it time to make real money in the sports betting world? 중계

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