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Starting a business can be a very rewarding endeavor, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. One of those responsibilities is company registration, which gives your business legal recognition. It establishes a separate entity that can own assets and enter into contracts. It also makes it easier to obtain investments and to manage the company’s finances.

Steps to registering a company vary slightly by state, but they all require that you settle on the type of company you want to form. After that, you must file paperwork and pay any required fees. In many cases, you’ll need to submit an operating agreement, which outlines ownership percentages and how the company will be managed. The operating agreement will help to protect you if the company faces litigation or fails.

Once the application is filed, the Registrar of Companies will examine it and issue a Certificate of Incorporation within 15 days. During the process, you’ll need to provide proof of identity for all directors and shareholders. This can include a passport, driving license, or PAN card. You’ll also need to provide the address of your company’s registered office. You can find a list of approved addresses at the website of the Registrar of Companies.

You should also check with your state to see if you need to register your company for tax purposes. In some states, you’ll need to get a tax ID number, which is similar to a Social Security number for businesses. In other cases, you may need to register for trademark protection. company registration

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