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A mid face lift can be an effective option for patients who want to improve the appearance of their cheeks and lower facial skin. The procedure repositions sagging cheek fat pads (malar pads) to a higher position, creating a more youthful look. It can also improve nasolabial folds and the appearance of baggy eyes. The procedure is often combined with a brow lift and/or lower eyelid surgery.

The best candidate for a mid face lift is someone who is bothered by visible signs of aging in the area from the upper forehead to the jawline, such as volume loss, sagging of the malar pads, and nasolabial folds. This area is of particular importance because it is the first site where aging manifests itself, leading to drooping and deflation of the tissues. The mid face lift addresses these problems by tightening the muscle supports and repositioning the soft tissue.

A study published in 2013 indicated that the majority of patients who underwent a mid face lift reported high levels of satisfaction with their results. These included feelings of greater confidence and well-being. In addition, onlookers did not perceive these patients as having undergone surgery or as looking ‘done’ or artificial.

During the initial consultation, our double board-certified cosmetic surgeon can evaluate your case and answer any questions you might have about the procedure. During this time, it is important to communicate your concerns to the doctor so that he can design a treatment plan that will provide you with the desired results. midface lift

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