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The seven-branched menorah (, pronounced mno’ra) is the most iconic symbol of Judaism. The Jewish people have used it to represent their faith for centuries, first as part of the Tabernacle and later the Temple in Jerusalem. It eventually became the official emblem of the State of Israel after its founding in 1948.

The gilded silver holder stands on four ornately carved sterling-silver legs. Its base features twelve facets that each curve steeply upwards, each of which is etched with a scrollwork design. Its topmost rim, meanwhile, is adorned with more scrollwork, creating a bold art design.

One of the eight Hanukkah candles is placed in the center of the menorah, and is known as the “Shamash.” It is lit each night before the other lights are lighted, to ensure that by the end of Hanukkah all the other candles will have been fully lit. This magnificent Hanukkah menorah embodies the concept of “hiddur mitzvah” – the beautification of an object that commemorates a religious occasion.

The gilded silver Menorah has become a beloved symbol of Hanukkah, bringing a reminder to the family of the miracle that took place in the time of the Seleucid conquest of Jerusalem, when there was only enough sealed and dedicated olive oil left to fuel the eternal flame of the Temple for just one day, but that it miraculously burned for eight days. The heirloom silver Menorah represents the eternal Jewish spirit, whose light is never extinguished. silver menorah

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