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employee communication apps are a powerful tool for companies with multiple teams working remotely. These software platforms offer a single gateway to company information, and the best ones allow for real-time messaging and collaboration to boost productivity. They also store important information to minimize the back-and-forth that can occur over email or other tools. Choosing the right app will depend on objectives, with some geared toward delivering company news and others focused on encouraging collaboration.

There are a wide variety of employee communication apps to choose from, with each offering a different set of features and varying prices. Here are some of the more popular options to consider:

Slack is a widely used platform for chat-style messaging. Admins can create channels for specific teams, topics or projects and add chat features like video calls and huddles. Users can communicate with one another through instant messages and direct texting, as well as share files and videos. Users can also access protocol documents and systems through the app.

SnapComms is an all-in-one internal communications app that connects employees via desktop, mobile and digital signage. Admins can target messages to discreet groups of workers, schedule and send them at a later date, or have them automatically resent if not read. The platform also provides a content studio for creating and publishing news stories, and includes an employee directory to easily connect with colleagues.

Haiilo streamlines the process of curating and delivering content with a personalized intranet feed. The platform integrates with existing content management and communications tools to deliver the latest news directly to workers, as well as providing useful engagement analytics to identify the most effective content types.

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