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Kelingking Beach or Diamond Beach, is probably the most famous spot on Nusa Penida and the one that draws in the biggest crowds. Its curved coastline and T-Rex shaped cliff has inspired countless photos and is certainly one of the most unique places to see in Bali.

It is recommended to book a tour online prior to your trip to avoid the queues at the ferry terminal. However, you can also wing it and buy a ticket at the harbour on arrival.

Day 1: Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach

Angel’s Billabong is a stunning rock formation near Broken Beach on Nusa Penida Island. This natural ocean pool is a popular spot for swimming and offers spectacular views over the open sea. The bottom of the pool is made up of flat rocks rather than sand which gives it a unique appearance and makes it safer than many other swimming spots in the area.

You can get to Angel’s Billabong by taking a tour from Bali or renting a scooter yourself but it is worth booking a guided tour with a local company. This will ensure you can visit the best highlights of Nusa Penida including Kelingking Cliff, Broken Beach and luscious Crystal Bay.

The best time to visit Angel’s Billabong is either very early in the morning or late in the afternoon for low crowd levels. The beach is a popular day trip destination for visitors from Bali and the early or late low tide will ensure that you can enjoy the scenery without getting too wet.

Be sure to pack plenty of sun protection as the tropical sun on Bali can cause nasty burns if you are not protected. You should also make sure you drink enough water to prevent dehydration.

Day 2: Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach, or Kelingking Secret Point Beach, is an incredible hidden beach framed by steep white cliffs and deep turquoise blue water. This is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Nusa Penida. The hike down to the beach is a major workout and somewhat scary but it’s absolutely worth the trip!

This popular spot, which resembles the T-Rex of its name, is becoming more and more popular thanks to Instagrammers. Because of this, you can expect to see a lot of people at the main viewpoint but don’t worry because there are plenty of other spots where you can enjoy the view without a large crowd.

The best way to explore Kelingking and the other sights on Nusa Penida is by taking a tour. These tours typically include transport, a guide, and visits to other famous spots like Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach, and Crystal Bay. They can also be customized to include the bucketlist items you want to make sure you see. Just be sure to book in advance since Nusa Penida is a popular destination!

Day 3: Tembeling Beach

This is a great spot to visit for sunset as it offers beautiful views of the sea and cliffs. It’s also a great spot to escape the crowds and relax in a quiet location. The facilities here are a bit more developed as it has a safe parking area, food and drink booths, and bathrooms. There is also a small natural pool here where you can swim, as well as a “secret cave” with lots of rocks stacked in a pretty manner.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can rent a motorbike and make the journey down to the beach on your own, but the roads are notoriously bad on Nusa Penida so be careful! It is also possible to hire a driver for the day to take you to any attractions on the island that you want to visit.

You can do this by asking your accommodation to arrange it or if you’re doing a tour on the island this will be included in your package. You can also sign up for a Manta Ray swimming trip from the port of Lembongan if you’re feeling a little more energetic!

Day 4: Rumah Pohon Tree Houses

This photo spot has become famous thanks to Instagram and is one of the most iconic spots on Nusa Penida. You can get there by renting a scooter, but you’ll need to be comfortable driving on the island’s windy roads. Or you can book a day tour and leave the navigating and driving to someone else.

Located on the eastern side of Nusa Penida near Atuh and Diamond Beach, Rumah Pohon Tree House is perched up high above the coast and offers incredible views. It’s part of the Thousand Islands Viewpoint area and costs 75,000 rupiah to enter, plus an extra 5,000 if you park a car or motorbike there.

It’s best to arrive early to avoid the crowds and get some photos without people in your shot. If you’re visiting with a group, hiring a driver is the most cost-effective way to get there since you can split the cost between you. Or you can rent a scooter and drive yourself, but this can be risky if you don’t have any experience on the island.

Day 5: Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is another of Nusa Penida’s hidden gems. It’s not on the regular day tours that leave from Bali and it takes a bit of effort to get there but it’s well worth it. The first view of this beach is enough to take your breath away. The white sand and the huge arch that runs along the water are incredible.

To get to the beach you have to walk down some steep stairs but there is a lot of shade so it’s not too bad. Atuh Beach is a beautiful beach that’s perfect for swimming in the warm turquoise waters. It’s also a great place to take some photos and relax.

If you’re interested in seeing all the highlights of Nusa Penida then you should book an Ultimate Nusa Penida Day Trip Tour or rent a car with private driver. Make sure you pack your camera, sunscreen, swimsuits, and a towel. You’ll also want to bring extra clothes for when you return to your hotel. If you have time and want to explore more of the island you can also sign up for a Manta Point boat ride. nusa penida trip

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