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Pokemon plush toys are the perfect way to give your friends and family a little Pokemon love. From stuffed Pokemon to toys that make noise, there’s a perfect gift for any fan of the series.

The Pokemon franchise has been a global sensation for the past 25 years, and the recent release of Pokemon Go has seen a huge spike in popularity. With this continued popularity, there’s no question that Pokemon plush toys are becoming more popular.

With a wide range of Pokemon themed toys available, it can be hard to choose which one is the best gift for your friend or loved one. With that said, we have compiled some of the top picks from our favorite stores to help you narrow down your options and find the perfect gift for any Pokemon fan!

Talking Pikachu

For kids who are just starting out with their Pokemon collection, this talking plush toy is the ideal starter toy. Its sassy voice and adorable face are sure to please any Pokemon fan. The plush has a switch that allows you to choose which sounds you want to hear, with the option of choosing either ‘Pika-speak’ or ‘Detective Pikachu’ voice modes.

This Pikachu plush is made with super soft plush fabric for the ultimate cuddles and comfort. It’s the perfect size for kids to snuggle up to, and it even has a hat to help them remember that they’re on an adventure!

Unlike most plush toys, this one is made to look like a real Pokemon. It’s a great addition to any room, whether it’s in the bedroom or the living room.

Mew is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a Pokemon plush toy that’s not only cute, but also teaches your child how to be a good friend and care for others. Mew is one of the most powerful Pokemon, but he’s also a really good guy who will always be there to help his friends out.

These Pokemon figures are the perfect way to start a new collection or to add an extra figure to your current one. They’re easy to move around and have great details, making them a must-have for any Pokemon lover!

Eevee is another one of the most popular Pokemon, and this Pop figure is the perfect way to show your love. It features a smiling face and a red cheek to make it stand out from the crowd!

Having this adorable toy is an easy way to show your love for the series, and it’s the perfect size for sitting on a shelf or table. It’s also very affordable, so you can afford to get this figure for any Pok√©mon fan in your life!

Charmander is a very popular Pokemon that you may have already seen in the game. This Pokemon plush toy is the perfect size for a younger player, and it’s easy to move around and play with!

Greninja is a quiet Pokemon that’s a bit elusive, but he can be very loyal to his friends. This Pokemon plush toy is a perfect size for children to snuggle up to, and it’s easy to hold and hug.

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