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Checking for refrigerant leaks is a regular part of an HVAC or refrigeration technician’s job. It’s important, because refrigerants are toxic and if not checked for, they can cause environmental damage. They’re also odorless, colorless and much more substantial than air, making it challenging to find a leak without a detector.

Whether you’re an experienced technician or just starting out, you need the right tools to keep your clients happy and save time on repairs. One of the most useful tools is a refrigerant leak detector, which helps you identify and fix leaks in HVAC systems or other appliances. The best refrigerant leak detectors are easy to use, work quickly and efficiently, and can be used in a variety of locations, including indoors or outdoors.

When looking for the top refrigerant leak detector, make sure it’s compatible with the types of refrigerants you work on. Also consider its sensitivity and a built-in indicator light. A sensitivity range is particularly important if you work on different systems, as this ensures you can pick up a leak quickly.

A good indicator light and an audible beep are also essential. Since most refrigerant leak detectors will be used in noisy or dark environments, look for a model that includes both a visual and audible alarm. Some models also include a display that highlights relative leak size with a bar graph, which can help you pinpoint the source of a leak.

Some of the best refrigerant leak detectors on the market come from trusted brands like Fieldpiece Instruments and Robinair. These models are known for their effectiveness and durability, and are backed by excellent customer service. Their infrared and heated diode sensors are superior to traditional soap bubble or UV dye methods, helping technicians locate leaks faster. Top refrigerant leak detectors

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