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A Motorbike Service is a machine which uses an engine to power two wheels. It’s a simple form of personal transport, but there are plenty of different types and variations to choose from.

Classic bikes

Old-school British motorcycles are still a popular choice, with a range of classic bikes made between 1970 and 1999. These often have a low kerb weight, low fuel consumption and an excellent reputation for safety.

Electric motorbikes

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to a traditional motorbike, an electric bike is the way forward. These offer lower emissions, low noise and a smooth-sailing ride, but their main drawback is a limited range.

Naked motorcycles

The naked sector of the market is dominated by smaller capacity 125cc machines, which work very well for everyday riding and cost much less than their bigger brothers. Firms like Lexmoto and AJS sell good quality Chinese-made models at a fraction of the price, which are well worth checking out for their value for money.

Off-road motorcycles

The world of off-road motorcycles is a thriving sub-culture, largely based around the use of knobbly tyres and off-road wheels. There are many different types of off-road motorbikes to choose from, ranging from the more simple to the high-performance.

Learner motorcycles

Learner motorcycles are a great option for people who want to get started on the road but don’t yet have experience of driving. These are also a great choice for kids, as they can be small and inexpensive and are often very easy to ride.

Wheel Size & Design on a Street Bike

A standard street bike is usually around 25 inches tall and has a wide front wheel to help it turn easily. Its rear wheel is typically smaller than the front to reduce rolling resistance and improve cornering speed.

Depending on the type of bike, it may have a frame that’s made from steel or aluminum. Those that are made from aluminum tend to be much lighter than those that are made from steel.

The tires of a street bike are typically wider than those on a dirt bike, because they’re designed to absorb more vibration and provide a smoother ride. In addition, the tyres are typically more slick to reduce rolling resistance and prevent slipping.

There are also several other differences between the two types of bikes. One big difference is that a street bike has more metal parts than a dirt bike, which can be helpful in preventing the rider from getting slammed into by a passing car or truck.

This also makes a street bike more resistant to theft and less likely to break down in the middle of a ride. This is especially important in cities where thieves are prone to targeting cyclists.

A sport bike has a frame that is made from lightweight materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber. This allows the bike to be faster than a street bike, without being as heavy.

The seat on a sport bike is typically higher than the seat on a cruiser, because it’s designed to provide a more comfortable and aggressive riding position. The seat is also generally designed to be positioned slightly forward of the bike’s center of gravity, so it can be more responsive and easier to control while you’re racing down the open road.

A sports bike is typically much more expensive than a street bike, due to the fact that it has more specialized parts and accessories. It can be expensive to maintain, too, as it requires specialized oils and lubricants. Insurance costs are usually higher for a sports bike, too.

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