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Icebreaker questions are a great way to start a team meeting and get people talking. It’s also a great idea to use them before company-wide meetings, like all-hands sessions, as they help to keep participants engaged in the conversation and prevent them from drifting off into their own thoughts. Good icebreaker questions are quick, fun and can spark interesting conversations. They should also be easy to understand and can include a mix of topics that are both personal and business-related.

One of the best icebreaker questions to ask is a “would you rather” question. These are fun and engaging for the whole group, as they encourage everyone to share their preferences with each other. Choosing two different options for your participants to choose from will make them more likely to give an answer.

You can use a variety of polling tools on Slido to run these types of icebreakers, including a word cloud, open text and multiple choice poll. Word clouds are ideal for capturing short answers, while open text and multiple choice polls work well with longer or more complex responses.

Another fun icebreaker question is to have your participants stand up if they can answer the statement with a yes or no. This can be anything from countries visited, dishes tried or movies seen.

Another good icebreaker question is to give your participants an index card and have them write down a random fact about themselves. This could be anything from how many languages they speak to what their favorite food combinations are. After everyone has finished, have them mingle around the room and find a new person to ask their question to. good ice breaker questions

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