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Water soluble film manufacturers produce high-quality, customizable packaging materials. Featuring a variety of grades, dissolution times, and temperatures, they can be modified to meet specific requirements. Designed to be environmentally friendly, these products are also safe for handling and disposal. Unlike traditional plastics, they don’t leave harmful residue in the environment and biodegrade into natural components within a matter of months.

Kuraray, a Japanese manufacturer of specialty chemicals and functional materials, acquired US-based MonoSol in 2012. The company offers polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) water-soluble films for various industrial applications such as unit-dose detergent packaging, agrochemicals, dyes, and mold release for synthetic marble.

Its water-soluble and biodegradable film reportedly has good tensile strength and tear resistance. Its unique properties such as oil resistivity, odor-neutrality, and antistatic make it ideal for packaging unit-dose detergent products and other dry powders. The product also has superior oxygen barrier performance and is suited for long-term storage of sensitive products.

EcoCortec’s new production plant in Coratia will use its EcoSol technology to produce a line of film-based products. These include MonoDose, Vivos, AquaFilm, BadgeMaster, and Dissolvo Sack. The company plans to expand the production facility to reach full capacity by 2022. Moreover, it will conduct youth training in Portage schools to recruit employees for the plant. water soluble film manufacturers

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