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Water tanks are at work all the time, heating and delivering fresh hot water to your showers, washing machines, dishwashers and more. However, they need to be maintained and repaired from time to time. Getting regular maintenance services from a Tasker will help keep your water tank in good working condition and prevent issues such as leaks.

In May, Jonathan Lewin, a water tank cleaner for American Pipe and Tank, rode up the gated freight elevator on a midtown Manhattan building’s rooftop, which was home to a drinking water tank that had gone uninspected or cleaned for several years. Lewin climbed onto the roof and set up a ladder to the cone-shaped top of the wooden tank, which held hundreds of millions of gallons of water.

Over the years, even well-maintained tanks build up layers of mucky sediment and bacterial slime. But a review of city data from the past year shows that the majority of buildings with these tanks fail to inspect them, even though a law passed last year requires landlords to file inspection reports and fine them for missing them.

The city’s new online database catalogs the observations of water tank inspectors, but a look at the results contradicts the expectations of scientists and water tank cleaners. The database shows that most tanks appear impossibly clean, with mucky sediment reported in only 1.8 percent of all inspections, according to the data. In addition to ensuring your water tank is safe, a Tasker can also handle the installation of a new water heater. The new unit will be installed properly and hooked up to your existing plumbing. A Tasker can drill the necessary holes, screw in tap and hose fittings, and then wrap all of the connections with Teflon tape to reduce leakage. water tank repair near me

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