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If you have damp areas in your home, a large dehumidifier uk can help keep humidity levels healthy. This can be particularly important in bedrooms where condensation and mould can often build up. Dehumidifiers are great for preventing these problems, but regular ventilation is also key.

We’ve tested all the best large dehumidifiers to find models that extract water from the air at the quickest rate and consume the lowest energy – using our controlled test chamber for consistency. The GHI has worked out each model’s energy consumption at the current energy price cap of 27p per kWh, and its extraction rate at different ambient temperatures.

The most popular dehumidifier design in the UK is the compressor model, which works by drawing the air into a fan and running it over cold coils to condense moisture and collect it into the tank. This model has a small footprint and sleek tower design, with curved corners and a simple white gloss finish. It was also the cheapest to run in our tests, making it a great choice for larger spaces. Its features include a laundry mode, three fan settings and a smart setting which senses and automatically controls the humidity in a room to avoid bacteria growth.

This is an extremely affordable option that does a good job at removing moisture from the air. It’s compact enough to stow away when not in use and it can double up as an air purifier, thanks to the HEPA filter and charcoal odour remover. A dedicated laundry mode is also included, speeding up the time it takes for clothes to dry. It uses a Peltier condenser and doesn’t require a pump, so it’s very quiet in operation. It has a neat, rounded design and a convenient handle for fuss-free transport between rooms. large dehumidifier uk

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