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Composite doors are extremely secure and durable, when buying a new door, you will be vastly adding security to your home. The doors come with five point locking systems, this is including three shoot bolts and two dead locks. They are also great value because they will stop any intruder in their tracks. If you were to have a young family, the top of your priority would be to keep your family safe. You would be doing exactly that. 67% of burglars enter the property through the front door.

With a composite door you will not only be adding security to your home but you will also be adding great insulation properties, as a quality one can give up to eight times the insulation of a traditional timber one. Some now come as standard with Yale furniture. If you were to buy a one with Yale furniture you would also benefit from the following added security, an anti-bump lock, which would stop ‘bumping’ – a technique used by burglars, and this would stop the burglar from entering through your new composite door also an anti-pick lock which would also stop the burglar picking through the lock of your new door. In addition to this, the Yale furniture also prevents the door being entered through drilling technique, which would make your new composite door extremely secure.

You can have your new secure composite doors in a vast range of colours. You can have a nice new red door, red really stands out well and will stand out from your neighbors doors. If you want a quality door that stands out from the rest of the street, you can have a green door with a matching side panel, personally I think a green door can really improve the appearance of your house. conservatory roofs cardiff

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