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Rings are jewelry. Jewelries that comes in different forms and in different sizes and texture,

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 made and molded in gold, silver, and bronze. A ring comes also in magnificent designs and work of arts. The look of a ring depends on the artistic abilities of the ring makers and the most wanted design of a costumers.

As years passes by the rings transforms also. It becomes a part of a man’s fashion statement. At the present rings decorates not only by diamonds but also of Precious Gems stone or Birthstones are being used to personalize a specific ring. The world is constantly changing. Influence and competition of every country affect the state of art in ring making. Nevertheless, when it comes to engagement ring it is a different story, because engagement ring symbolizes a lot. For a couple deeply in love and wanted no other than each other a ring is a perfect gift a man could give. Proposal comes with an engagement ring. It is one of the most romantic and cherished time of a woman’s love life.

The giving of an engagement ring always completes the start of the couples wedding preparation. Many people say that it is better to spend your money for an engagement ring rather to use all your money for the completely wedding preparation such as foods, venues, and many other. This shows how a ring is with so much value. An engagement ring comes in different appearance. Every woman dreamt of an engagement ring with a big diamond on top of it. However, does the look and price of a ring important more the man of your life?

Engagement ring is a great symbol that binds men and women from different world to be one, a ring that will forever remind the couple of their vow of intimate love for each other. Every one of us is a unique individual. Our views and opinion differ. It is funny how lovers express their love. Matrimony is a life-changing event. Life indeed needs love and when we find love, the real life begins. Love is magical. Love is an everlasting vow. Engagement rings will always make the vow, a vow of happily ever after. We should not forget that the one we will be giving the ring would be our one true love. The person we wanted to grow old with and the most beautiful person you ever wanted to see when you wake up every morning.

Engagement ring will surely give so much happiness to a girl but there is no such bliss than the vow of love that stays forever and a  vow of love comes from a mans compassionately in love heart. One day we will hear the word “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” that always come in with an engagement ring, when that day comes I wish your eyes would not be blinded by the glamour of the ring. However, I hope your answer is the voice of your sincere heart, because your answer will sure be the “YES I DO” of your forever life with HIM, your Prince Charming in this crazy world of love called Earth. blue topaz ring

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