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Providing both practical and aesthetic benefits, window shutters can be used in a wide range of applications. As demonstrated by this installation of full height shutters within a Gateshead property, they are perfectly suited to dressing tall windows on stair landings, whilst also offering complete control over light and privacy via their tilting slats.

The shutters in this property are crafted from our Java range, which is a high-quality plastic alternative to traditional wood. Ideal for areas of increased humidity or moisture exposure such as bathrooms, kitchens and wetrooms, Java shutters are durable and will not absorb water like fabric based window dressings. This makes them an excellent choice for properties with children or pets. They are also available in a number of colour options and can be customised with a wide range of accessories.

Newcastle is a popular city with many people building new homes or relocating to the area each year. This means that the city has a lot of windows which require quality coverings that provide superior insulation and light control. Shutters are a great choice for this as they come in several styles and provide numerous benefits to homeowners. They also add an aesthetic appeal to any home.

Window shutters are a classic style of window treatment that has long been a favourite in Australia. They are easy to maintain and a stylish option for any room. They can be made from wood or a range of materials and are available in a variety of colours. They are suitable for a wide range of window sizes and can be custom made to suit any home. The most popular type of window shutter is the plantation style, which features hinged louvers that can be opened and closed to allow light in and provide privacy.

Roller shutters are a cost effective and energy efficient way to improve the insulation qualities of your home or business. They can reduce the amount of heat entering your home in summer and help keep it warmer in winter. This helps to save you money on your energy bills all year round. They are also an attractive option that can enhance the look of any home or business and are a security feature against uninvited guests and burglars.

There are a number of different types of window shutters to choose from including tier on tier, cafe style and solid panels. Each has its own set of benefits including privacy, light & air flow control and security. They are a beautiful way to dress your windows and can be tailored to fit any interior design.

A good quality window shutter will be able to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions. It will also be able to block out the sun’s UV rays, which can cause damage to carpets and furniture. Window shutters will be able to keep your living space cool and comfortable in the summer, whilst keeping it warm and cosy in the winter.

If you are looking for a high-quality and durable window covering that will be able to withstand the harsh Aussie climate, then look no further than a new set of roller shutters from Modern Group. They are a local Newcastle name thousands of Australians trust for their homes and businesses, offering a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor blinds, shutters and roof repairs and replacements that will transform any home or business into a safe and comfortable place to live or work. Contact the team today for a free, no obligation quote. Shutters gateshead

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