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Xbox Thermal Paste
A computer’s processor runs hot, so it needs to be cooled down. The way it’s done is that the AMD or Intel CPU sits inside a heat sink, which is a large metal block with channels and metal fins that the fan blows on. The air is heated by the processor, which then gets funneled into a radiator that cools it down by running water through it. The water then goes back to the heat sink and repeats the cycle. In between all of that, there’s the thermal paste, which sits on top of the processor to help keep it cool.

There are many different types of thermal paste available on the market, from a variety of manufacturers. Some, such as Corsair’s XTM50, come with an application stencil and spreader that make it easy to apply. Others, like the Arctic Silver Ceramique, are non-conductive and can be used by beginners without worrying about shorting out components if they squeeze out a bit of paste onto other parts of the motherboard or processor.

Another option is Gelid’s GC-Extreme, which has a moderate viscosity that makes it stable during application and easy to spread. It’s also non-conductive and has a good reputation for longevity, although it doesn’t quite rank with the best options like the Kryonaut. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, this is a great choice. Xbox Thermal Paste

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