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Your electrical panel, sometimes referred to as your breaker box or fuse panel, is where electricity comes into your home, and it is responsible for distributing electricity to lights and appliances. It also contains circuit breakers, which are safety mechanisms that prevent overuse of electricity by automatically shutting off the flow of power when there is a problem.

The main electrical panel is a painted or gray metal box usually located in the garage, laundry room, basement, utility closet, or somewhere else close to where your home’s meter is. It contains the primary fuses or circuit breakers and it is the “powerhouse” of your home.

Older panels may not be able to keep up with modern demands, such as the large appliances, computers, entertainment systems, pool and spa equipment, and air conditioners used in Tampa homes. You should regularly have your main electrical panel inspected for safety and function by a licensed electrician.

It is very important to hire a professional Clearwater electrician for any work that you want done on your main electrical panel. It is extremely dangerous to try any sort of DIY work on your own, as a simple mistake could cause fire damage, injuries, or death. Thankfully, our expert team at Mister Sparky is fully trained, insured, and licensed to work on all of your electrical needs. Electrical Panel Clearwater

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